AOL Artists

We commission, curate, coax and encourage talented artists worldwide to create original works of art for AOL and, in turn, the world.

"Art isn’t easy." - Stephen Sondheim

So we created a platform to help original works of art get made. And seen.

It is officially Fashion Week! Get glamourous with four paintings by our newest AOL Artists Cate Parr and NOMOCO. The new canvases debuted on today along with a bonus canvas, Rain Cloud, by NOMOCO.

Cate Parr, a Los Angeles-based artist, was born and raised in the UK. Cate's paintings are executed in watercolor and ink, focusing on color, gesture and movement. Her work has been featured in The Washington PostThe Los Angeles Times, and Detour Magazine, to name a few. NOMOCO, a London-based artist, was born and raised in Japan. NOMOCO's work also utilizes ink and paint, deriving inspiration from movement and play. She has worked with clients such as The New York Times, Neiman Marcus and Marc Jacobs. We’re thrilled to welcome Cate Parr and NOMOCO into the AOL Artists community.

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