AOL Artists

We commission, curate, coax and encourage talented artists worldwide to create original works of art for AOL and, in turn, the world.

"Art isn’t easy." - Stephen Sondheim

So we created a platform to help original works of art get made. And seen.

Winners Announced!

Thank you for supporting AOL Artists through your Re-Tweets! Here are the twitter winners for this round. Tumblr winners announced shortly! 

@KINGBASE305@Helloiamgary @Revaskie @Alburnsie @Chermustang3 @ladylisa1 @mmc67 @mittenmommy @schmoolander @tiffany053p @dinaj @crazypoet @cin_20 @chacha572 @sunrae17 @jertaybro @schnitzelburger @amandajc_21 @missinglynxx @hslater351 @ohiojeans @BNTVosburgh@pbkup @littlthon @cranepuffin @soulfliesfree @missdtm @debralu @kitkat234 @toonces1989 @nutmeg237 @treetrout1 @purplelover04 @luv_mydachshund @peggysue753 @frogger097@lecreolemoon @FAmouS_chaMaka @jillmunoz