AOL Artists

We commission, curate, coax and encourage talented artists worldwide to create original works of art for AOL and, in turn, the world.

"Art isn’t easy." - Stephen Sondheim

So we created a platform to help original works of art get made. And seen.
Debut AOL Artist C. Finley’s six canvases launched on today. C. Finley is known for her vibrant geometric paintings and site-specific public art installations. Her distinguished series, “Wallpapered Dumpsters,” has been reviewed by top critics like The New York Times and CNN. “Wallpapered Dumpsters” has been executed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome, Berlin and New York and is aimed at exposing communities to art while promoting environmental awareness.

Finley is based in both New York and Rome and is currently the artist in residence at the Gai Mattiolo fashion house. She has exhibited internationally and approaches art-making with an inspiring optimism.

We are thrilled to have these artworks debut on as a closing for Women’s History Month.